Amazing Faith  *The complete and petite package *


The First Ever Authentic Lookalike and Tribute

to Paloma Faith (since 2012)

Brit Award Winner 2015

"I felt an affinity with Paloma  after seeing her live. I laughed at the way

we both joke on stage! Sweet, honest and endearing - there is a similar

vulnerability about this little lady, yet a great strength that seems to

come straight from her soul"   

Paloma's 4th album The ARCHITECT is Here! Releasing Cry Baby, Guilty and now Til i'm done!

Already turned out amazing reviews, reaching number 1 in the album charts!


Founded in 2012 - Amazing faith was the worlds 1st ever tribute/lookalike to Paloma,    

Her first album sold over a million copies and spawned hits like          

Stone Cold Sober / New York / Do you Want The Truth or Something Beautiful

AMAZING FAITH covers these along with...Picking Up The Pieces  

Just Be and other incredible tracks from her 2nd album 'Fall To Grace'  

        Her third album 'A Perfect Contradiction' An irresistable  blend of soul pop featuring  

I Just Can't Rely You (Pharrel Williams) Trouble with my baby, the unique

Only Love can hurt like this (No.1 in Australia) and UK no,1 Changing (collaboration 'Sigma')                                                            

 "Her songs are more like entire stories, that take you on a powerful and passionate journey."

From this grew 'Amazing Faith' - quirky and dramatic, portrayed by the UK's No.1 Lookalike,

who in her performance, not only has the sound and look, but is also as petite and quirky with

stage presence, humour  and powerful vocals to easily match her incredibly unique voice.

The show is more than a mimic. Authentic as possible, both in vocals and style of costumes.      


By 2015 she had released 'Ready for the good life' 'Leave While I'm Not Looking'  and

'Beauty Remains'  performed the Rugby Union song and toured extensively

A Brit award for Best British Female 2015 finally under her belt, Paloma Faith is set to soar

even higher -  As well as recently taking on the role of Tinkerbell. In 2016 she was a Coach on the VOICE UK and 2017 her eagerly awaited 4th album 'The Architect'

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