'Amazing Faith'



Paula is a well established Vocalist and

Entertainer.  Working in the UK and abroad for

many years in venues such as Hotels, Holiday

Parks, Cabaret Shows, Private parties, Golf Clubs

and corporate events.

As well as performing in her own right, she has

supported many big names.


Living and touring in Jersey for the Variety

Club of Great Britain in the late 80's and

appearing weekly at the prestigious Jersey

Opera House with the Black and White

Minstrel Show


Performing for the armed forces, Berlin in 1989

Paula picked up the name "Little Miss Dynamite'

due to being 4'10 with such a powerful voice!


Paula went on to perform on live TV a Xmas

Celebrity Special for HTV alongside legendary

Boxer Henry Cooper, Frank Kelly (Father Ted)

and Pete Baldwin of Coronation Street fame.

This went out live to over 5 million viewers

(mid 1990's)



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Paula is no stranger to the tribute world. She performed

several shows as Brenda Lee for almost 20 years in the

"Dynamite Show' including a short tour of theatres/venues in Scandinavia as part of a live Rock 'n' Roll show 'The Hall of

Fame'  performing at the Esbjerg 'Music Hall' in Denmark

she has also appeared at major conventions with her

'Dusty Springfield Songbook' and 'Songs of Elvis' show


Clients include:

HTV, The Hilton UK (Hilton, Movenpick & Ghazala in Egypt)

Music Hall (Denmark), Lakeside Country Club, Surrey,

Perkins Diesel, Gala Casinos, Leicester Speedway Events,

Jersey Opera House, Henlow Racing, Ilmore Formula One,

Best Western, Novotel and Ramada Hotels, Haven,

Bridgeford Park, Special Olympics