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Family & Hobbies:

Paula met her now husband in 1994, while having

new publicity headshots (he was the Photographer)

They have been together ever since marrying in 2013!

They have 8 rescue cats and a time-share cat!

Paula is often fondly referred to as Cat-Lady by

friends, and for her love of animals in general.

After an operation in March 2011, and some time out,

Paula took up photography, Finding she had a good eye,

and gaining 8 online awards to date

Most of Paula's 'closest' friends simply know her as 'P'

Paula Louise Swann, born in Plymouth, UK, to parents Dennis and Jennifer.

Her musical roots coming from her fathers side. Her grandfather also half of a vocal comedy duo, who's cousin married 50's singer 'Eve Boswell' of the famous Boswell family Circus. Europe.

Paula's dad a Royal Marine Trumpeter for HMS Royal Marines. He played for Frank Ifield and Nancy Wilson, while on tour in Singapore in the 70's.

At the age of 5, Paula's family moved from Singapore to Leicestershire, where she made her first appearance in a local club, for a bottle pop and a bag of crisps! (a fee that is fortunately negotiable these days! Haha)

She often sang with her sister, while her father played guitar and taught them harmonies.                        

Paula was a huge Elvis fan from as far back as she can remember. Influences came from songs that her parents played around the home: Jack Jones, Nancy Wilson, Streisand Bassey and various jazz greats. Though she would constantly belt out Bonnie Tyler, Tina Turner and Donna Summer and the Nolans in her bedroom!

Through her teens Paula took up dance classes, she loved to dance, but it was when she joined a local Dramatics company, she realised a passion for acting too. As her singing took of, acting became secondary and she began working as an office temp to support her dreams of becoming a professional singer. After a lot of hard work, she realised her dream, and was soon out singing 4-5 nights a week. Work abroad and a Tv appearance followed...Singing live for HTV ~ replacing Les Gray (Mud) on a celebrity Xmas Show performing 'Rocking around the Christmas Tree' to over

5 million viewers in 1995

Paula was very close to her Nan, and when she moved from Plymouth to Leicester, in to the family home, this was sadly to be her last 6 years. She was 83 years old but went along to many gigs. She used to love it and would giggle lots and it made those gigs extra special.

In the mid- late 90's, Paula, ironically, joined an acting agency, suggested by a friend, and began doing various support roles on TV

Her most exciting and humourous role being alongside Freddie Starr in a Comedy Sketch for a Christmas Special.



Little 'P'

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